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Ross-shire Model Flying Club relaunch

The club has been in the doldrums for a while now and now is the time for a relaunch. The intention is to start flying regularly on Sundays (weather permitting of course!). New members welcome, any questions use the contact details for the Webmaster.


Ross-shire Model Flying Club

The Ross-shire Model Flying Club is situated in farmland in the hills above Dingwall. It is relatively easy to find and once you are there the views of Ben Wyvis and the surrounding hillsides are fantastic. It is a grass strip site on a slight incline with plenty of runway length for the inevitable overshoots and dead-stick landings. The whole area is fenced in and on the far side runs a dry-stone-dyke, which a few of the regulars swear is magnetic, if you know what I mean. Contact the WEBMASTER if you would like to pay us a visit.



To find out more about the models shown above visit the Members Models page.


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If you have any questions or comments about this site, or wish to contact the Ross-shire Model Flying Club E-mail the WEBMASTER