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13th May 2018

A bit of activity up at Knockbain today, it's a start though.



This vintage style machine proves troublesome yet again, interference glitches stopped it'a maiden flight. Need to separate the ignition and batteries. Craig Blaikie watches a full size visitor departing as he ponders his next flight with his Soprano, despite the long grass when it finally got airborne it flew well.



Decided to have some fun with the Hilly B, 10 minute flights from a 3S 2200mAh battery. I had 3 flights and Craig had 1.



Craig having a bit of fun with some close in flying with my Hilly B.


As a little taster, here is an aerial video I shot in April 2010. It was cut short when the gearbox driveshaft sheered. More videos to come this year.


September 9th 2012

Well this summer for flying has not been great, I have been up the hill a couple of times but have never seen anyone else. It really is a pity that we have such a great flying site which for the last couple of years has gone largely unused. We need to push things to increase the membership numbers.

Here is a video of my latest project an own design Quadcopter, still tuning it but it shows promise.


Quadframe Maiden from Sierra Golf Mike on Vimeo.


Sunday 18th March 2012

Finally got up to Knockbain for my first flight of 2012! I blew the cobwebs off the Greenley in readiness for training cadets, two of which are now SAA and RMFC members with hopefully more to follow. No photos of this visit but watch this space!




If you have any questions or comments about this site, or wish to contact the Ross-shire Model Flying Club E-mail the WEBMASTER

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